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What price are digital images/photos?

We have three different sized images to choose from
large width in pixels 3888 32.92cm Hieght in pixels 2492 21.95cm
Medium width in pixels 2826 23.93cm Hieght in pixels 1884 15.95cm
Small width in pixels 1586 13.43cm Hieght in pixels1057 8.95cm

They are priced at Large £90 medium £60 Small £30.

How do I purchase digital images/photos?

You will need to create an account with Outdoor Photo Library Ltd. Simply register your details and sign-in and then you can make your purchases. When you have chosen the images you wish to purchase and selected the sizes, add them to your shopping basket. To pay for your items, please select ‘GO TO CHECKOUT’ or continue shopping if you wish to add more items to your basket. Items can be removed from your basket at any point before completing the payment.

When you paid for your items they will be available for you to download as detailed in the paragraphs below. Each picture may only be used once after purchase. If you wish to use the same picture again, please contact us for details on how we can facilitate this.

How do I download purchased digital images/photos?

Once your online order has been successfully completed, you will be directed to the download area. This will allow you to download the images you need. When you see the image you need simply follow the instructions detailed below.

Mac OS Users

Click on the image you want view. Once the image has downloaded, you can drag it into whichever application you are using with the mouse. You may also be able to <CTRL> click on the image and download it directly to your computer desktop.

Windows Users

Right click the image link and select ‘Save Target As…’. Save the image to your chosen destination and then open it in any image editing programme. You may also choose click the image and open it in your browser.

What is a Rights Managed Image?

Rights Managed, or RM, in photography and the stock photo industry, refers to a copyright licence which, if purchased by one of our clients, allows the one time use of the photo as specified by the licence. If our customers want to use the photo for other uses, an additional licence needs to be purchased.

Why can’t I download an image from the download images page?

Rights Managed Images are available to download within the licensed time period only.

What file sizes do you offer?

All of our images are available up to the size of: width in pixels 1586 13.43cm Height in pixels1057 8.95cm pixels and we offer 3 different file sizes at a different cost depending on size and usage. If larger file sizes are required then please contact me at or telephone +44(0)1780 749135 for further information.

Secure credit card facilities?

We use SSL (128 bit) certificates to ensure your details are safely transmitted on our site.
Please read our privacy and security policy to see how Outdoor Photo Library Ltd protect your important information.

Your site wont let me sign-in. What’s wrong?

Our site uses cookies to determine who you are within our system. If you have cookies disabled you must enable them for
this site to work properly.

I keep receiving unwanted e-mail marketing from (Outdoor Photo Library Ltd). How can I stop this?

If You do not wish to receive email updates or newsletters from us, select the unsubscribe option on either the email or the unsubscribe section on our website

Your site keeps giving me an error. Is there anything I can do?

All web pages are temporarily stored on your local computer. Over a period of time it is a good idea to clear these out.

Depending on your web browser, these are called temporary internet files or cache. It is advisable that you set your browser to check for newer versions of temporary internet files every visit to a web page. This will help to avoid any problem in the

I still need further assistance. Who do I contact?

E-mail or telephone +44 (0)1780 749135 for any sales related issues that you may be experiencing and we will try to help you as best we can.

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