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Sell and Earn Information for Photographers

Please take the time to read through our information before submitting images to the Outdoor Photo Library Ltd. website. You will need to submit your full details to be considered using our Photographer Submission Form here.

How do I submit Images to Outdoor Photo Library Ltd?

Please send us high resolution RAW files on a disc or via our FTP upload area. For information on how to submit images see our Submission Notes below.

What sort of material is Outdoor Photo Library Ltd looking for?

We are looking for bespoke creative images that can be sold for the use in editorial/ publishing and commercial sectors. These are the subjects we would like contributors to bear in mind when submitting photographs: Landscapes, Black and White, Abstract, Shots for Designers and Shot on White.

How does Outdoor Photo Library Ltd assess contributors work?

We will look at creativity, composition and technical potential shown in a photographers work and also gauge whether the images are suitable for use iin our library.

Next Step:

If your images meet with our criteria and are selected, they will then be uploaded onto Outdoor Photo Library website. You will be advised via email if your images are chosen to be entered onto the website. If your images are not suitable, we will of course, contact you with feedback and maybe helpful advice if required.

Does Outdoor Photo Library accept non-exclusive contributors?

No, Outdoor Photo Library Ltd prefers to work with our contributors on an image exclusive only contract.

FTP users:

Submissions must be uploaded and filed in the Digital Submissions Folder. Within this folder create a new folder and title it with your name and then upload your files. Large format camera images are also welcome.

Please contact me regarding FTP upload details and i will be happy to provide you with them.

Image Specification:

Colour Space: Adobe RGB 1998
File Format: RAW or Tiff 24bit 8 bits per channel, without compression.
Size: Sufficient to cover A4 at 300dpi (without any photoshop interpolation) RAW
Resolution: 300dpi
Layers: Send your images without any added layers, channels or photoshop paths
Sharpening: Do not apply any sharpening to your images, if your camera can sharpen images as they are shot, ensure this setting is turned off. Do not use un-sharp mask in photoshop.
Subject Identification: Could you supply the name of subject ie plants name with it’s latin name (if possible). This information can be entered into the caption info area under the File drop-down menu in Photoshop. Alternative image editing programmes will have a similar facility to add captions.

File Compression:

As we will be compressing the RAW files we receive into high-res Tiffs/Jpegs for online uploading, it is important that digital images are not compressed more than once to counteract Jpeg Problems. All images produced on digital cameras should be shot in RAW mode in Adobe RGB 1998 and then converted to an 8 bit Tiffs using the RAW a conversion technique which came with your camera or the RAW converter built into recent versions of Photoshop and Lightroom image editing software.


We offer a 3-year Worldwide image exclusive contract.

A Worldwide image exclusive contract means that if you supply Outdoor Photo Library Ltd with an image collection, we ask that you not to supply that same collection of work to any another agency. This allows Outdoor Photo Library Ltd to obtain unique bespoke content and it also protects you from being undercut by competing online photo agencies.

Who retains copyright of my images?

As the creator of an image, you retain full copyright of your image and our clients purchase the rights to reproduce those images.

What is Outdoor Photo Library Pricing Structure?

The sale price of an image will depend on what size is purchased. There are 3 options available:

- Large width in pixels 3888 32.92cm Height in pixels 2492 21.95cm £90.00 plus VAT
- Medium width in pixels 2826 23.93cm Height in pixels 1884 15.95cm £60.00 plus VAT
- Small width in pixels 1586 13.43cm Height in pixels1057 8.95cm £30.00 plus VAT

The prices above allows for the one time use of a photo as specified by our term and conditions. If a customer wishes to use the photo for a further project, an additional fee will be charged to them.

What commissions does Outdoor Photo Library pay?

If any of your photographs are successfully sold on Outdoor Photo Library Ltd website, you will receive 50% of the net purchase price, after deduction of transaction costs .

How often will you be paid?

At the moment we envisage that payments will be made every 2 months. Successful contributors will be asked to provide us bank details to process payments directly via BACS. Alternatively we can issue a cheque.

Photographer Submission Form

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